Concierge Healthcare

Offer Video Visits to your employees and their families so they can video visit with their physicians when they need to. Reduce PTO, increase productivity and enhance medical benefit packages to current and potential employees.

Narrow Network of Providers

Incorporate Tik Tok Doc App with all of your in-network providers or carve out a narrow network of providers who you wish to provide this service to your employees. Reduce medical costs and increase employee productivity. 

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24/7/365 Access

Speak directly to your in-network physicians while at work. No more wasted time in receiving the best quality healthcare.

Self Schedule

Schedule appointments directly from your App anytime of the day/night. No more calling your doctor's office to schedule your appointment.

Choose Your Pharmacy

Get medication refills and prescription changes sent directly to your pharmacy of choice, whenever needed.

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Contact Tik Tok Doc

Contact Tik Tok Doc so we can provide you the information on how you can implement Concierge Telemedicine into you organization.

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Speak to your Company

Tell your company that you would like to access your doctor through Tik Tok Doc's Concierge Telemedicine App, 24/7/365.

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