Tik Tok Doc’s Concierge Telemedicine platform enables general practitioners and specialists to offer 24/7/365 care to their patients who choose to pay for a customized concierge plan.

New Cash Flow

Increase your practice revenue through your existing patient population by offering various concierge telemedicine models. Payment models continue to evolve and Tik Tok Doc can help you stay up-to-date on new revenue opportunities.

Volume vs Value

Streamline your current clinic practice by offering telemedicine visit to your paitents who don't need an in-person visit giving you more time to spend with your patients who do need your in-person attention. Providing more value to each of your patients!

Alleviate Staff Burdens

Integrated patient self-scheduling saves your staff time. Transitioning those patients who do not require an in-person office visit to visit you through Tik Tok Doc will allow your staff to focus on other office efficiencies. 

Not all Patients Need In-Person Visits

Common conditions can be managed through Tik Tok Doc’s Concierge Telemedicine App.

  • Common Conditions:  Mange over 20 common conditions such as; cold & flu, sore throat, UTIs, skin issues & rashes, diarrhea & vomiting, eye issues, sports injuries, travel illness, smoking cessation – that can be managed via a video visit.

  • Prescription Refills: Tik Tok Doc enables you to conduct a video visit with your patient to prescribe new medcation, provide refills, manage side effects and drug interactions, as well as the convenience of adjusting appropriate dosages of medications your patient is currently taking. 

  • Referrals:  When your patients needs to be seen by a specialists to provide them specific healthcare solutions, Tik Tok Doc App allows you to make those recommendations in a video visit rather than an in-person visit while still billing insurance for the visit.

Patients Remain in Comfortable Environments

Tik Tok Doc enables all patients to video visit with their PCP/specialist/Mental Health Care Provider from home or work when they find it difficult to make it to an in-person visit. Allowing patients to remain in their most comfortable environment. 

New Skill Set

Once you become a part of our Online Medical Group, we will provide you state regulations, if appropriate, for the practice of Telemedicine. Tik Tok Doc will provide you with best practice guidelines, policies and procedures and training on how to use our Telemedicine Platform. 

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Control your work week by offering scheduled video visits from anywhere; your office, on the go, or with your feet in the sand on your favorite beach. Don't be a prisonor of your practice any longer! Tik Tok Doc gives you the freedom to be anywhere at anytime and still be able to maintain your practice. No need to be confined to bricks and mortor to still maintain your practice cash flow. 

Patient Retention

Utilizing the Tik Tok Doc App, increases patients access to healthcare and provides more convenient care which helps retain your current patient population. This extends each patient’s lifetime value to your practice.

Patient Acquisition

Tik Tok Doc can increase new patient acquisition by attracting patients who want the convenience of video visiting with their personal doctor rather than an in-person visit with a doctor who does not provide them with concierge telemedicine access.

Once you are a member of our Online Medical Group, other providers can seamlessly refer patients to you further increasing your patient population.

Concierge Clinic Model

Tik Tok Doc provides you with the foundation of turning your current insurance or volume based practice, with an average of 3000+ patients per provider, to a concierge practice of anywhere from 300-500 patients. By offering Concierge Telemedicine you will identify which of your patients would prefer a concierge service at a price you designate. This allows you to increase revenue while gauging the percentage of your practice that would follow you to your Concierge Full-Service Practice when you decide to transition your practice.

Reduce Readmission Rates

Tik Tok Doc can help reduce Hospital readmission rates. Our video visit platform enables providers to promptly manage any post-acute follow up issue that may arise after discharge home.  This increases your standing with your hospital and post-acute facilities.

Safe & Secure

Tik Tok Doc App is HIPPA/HiTECH compliant and fully encrypted for the highest quality security and privacy standards. Specialists like radiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, medical directors of hospices/home health agencies, psychiatrists, pediatrics, dietitians and nutritionists can use our trusted technology to bring complete healthcare to their patients.

Meets Telemedicine Industry Standards

Tik Tok Doc App is a member of the American Telehealth Association (ATA) and meets the standards of the center for Internet security (CIS) security benchmarks division and the national institute of standards and technology (NIST). 

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Contact Tik Tok Doc so we can provide you the information on how you can implement Concierge Telemedicine into your current medical practice. We will make it simple for you to begin offering Concierge Telemedicine to your exsisting patient population. 

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, add your personal information, choose your available appointment times/dates.... Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your patients! 

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