What is a Video Visit/Telemedicine?

Video visits are appointments scheduled with your doctor and conducted over the internet through a shared video call between you and your doctor. Join your doctor over Tik Tok Doc's secure video connection on any iPhone/iPad or Android Device with a webcam and microphone.


Video visits maintain the same quality experience as in-person appointments. They are personalized face-to-face interactions that make it easy to preserve medical history and enable excellent care. Video visits through Tik Tok Doc with your regular doctor are more effective than trips to an urgent care clinic or an on-demand service.


Tik Tok Doc Video visits are convenient. Less time in the doctor’s office means more time given back to you. No more battling traffic, parking, germy waiting rooms or taking time away from your busy schedule. Video visits with your doctor are easy and can be self-scheduled at your convenience.

Why should I see my doctor on a video visit instead of an in-person visit?

Video Visits via Tik Tok Doc allow you to conveniently meet with your doctor over a secure video chat. This keeps you out of the waiting room and saves you a trip to your doctor’s office. No more calling your doctor's office, taking time off of work, driving to the clinic, waiting in a germy waiting room for hours, all to see your doctor for 3-5 minutes. You can now by-pass this experience and go straight to 'seeing' your doctor when you want and need to!

When can I use 'Tik Tok Doc' App?

Your doctor can treat common conditions like sinus infections, bladder infections, pink eye, acne and more through Video Visits. If your doctor feels an in-person visit is necessary, they will tell you.


Video visits can be used to treat most common conditions, refill prescription and provide referrals to other healthcare providers when appropriate. Below are a few common reasons for a Video Visit appointment:

  • Routine follow ups

  • Prescription refills

  • Medication adjustments

  • Review lab results or imaging

  • Minor urgent care

  • Cold, flu, allergies, cough, fever

  • Mental health issues or questions

  • New parenting questions

  • General health questions 

  • Pediatric fever or advice

  • Smoking cessation

  • Rashes and other skin problems

  • Sports injuries

  • Back pain

  • and many more....

Will I receive the same quality healthcare as an in-person appointment?

Absolutely! For appointments that don’t require a physical examination, you will experience the same level of care from your doctor as you do in their physical office. You simply are conducting the medical visit through a virtual office. If your doctor feels you need an in-office visit, they will suggest that.

How much does Tik Tok Doc cost?

This is up to the arrangement you and your personal doctor have. Tik Tok Doc does not dictate the cost; we simply provide you access to your doctor through a secure, HIPAA compliant, virtual environment. You do not pay Tik Tok Doc.

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