Volume vs. Value

Streamline your current clinic practice by implementing telemedicine visits for those patients who don’t need an in-person visit giving you more time to spend with your patients who do need your in-person attention.

Quality of Life

Control your work week by offering scheduled video visits from anywhere; your office, on the go, or with your feet in the sand on your favorite beach!

New Cash Flow

Increase your practice revenue through your existing patient population by offering various concierge telemedicine models. Payment models continue to evolve and Tik Tok Doc can help you stay up-to-date on new revenue opportunities.

Alleviate Staff Burdens

Integrated patient self-scheduling saves your staff time. Transitioning those patients who do not require an in-person office visit to visit you through Tik Tok Doc will allow your staff to focus on other office effeciencies. 

Electronic Prescribing

Prescribe medication electronically, ensuring your patients get the medication they need at the pharmacy they request wherever you choose to be.

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24/7/365 Access

Speak directly to your personal doctor from anywhere you want to be, 24/7/365. 

Save Time

No more driving to your doctor’s office, waiting in a crowded waiting room, then waiting longer for the doctor to arrive.

Self Schedule

Schedule appointments directly from your App anytime of the day/night. No more calling the office to schedule your appointment. 

Choose Your Pharmacy

Receive prescriptions electronically from your doctor directly to the pharmacy of your choice; no matter where in America you are.

Your Personal Doctor

Speak directly to Your doctor who knows your medical history, lifestyle, and who you are as a person (personal relationship). 

Refills & Referrals

Get medication refills, prescription changes to dosages, and referrals to specialists through TikTokDoc.

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Contact Tik Tok Doc

Contact Tik Tok Doc so we can provide you the information on how you can implement Concierge Telemedicine into your current medical practice. 

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, add your personal information, choose your available appointment times/dates.... Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your patients! 

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Contact Your Doctor

Tell your doctor that you would like to access them 24/7/365 through Tik Tok Doc App! They will then provide you with the details. (Each doctor's plan may be different)

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, add your personal information, choose your doctor.... Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your Doctor! 

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