Medical Director Access

Your medical directors can now 'see and talk' to your patients via Tik Tok Doc whenever needs arrise from wherever they currently are. Your families and patients will feel happier receiving extra care from your team!

24/7/365 Access

Offer Video Visits to your patients and their families so they can speak to your team anytime, anywhere. Providing an extra layer of care and service to your customers.

New Cash Flow

Increase your company's revenue through your existing and new patient population by offering various concierge telemedicine models. This is new technology that not all Hospice Providers are offering.

Triage Calls

Triage calls from your patients through telemedicine to ensure you deploy the appropriate team member to manage the situation. Creating the best experience for your patients and a cost savings to your organization.


Telemedicine is an emerging technology that will soon engulf the medical industry. Market this unique service as a competitive advantage in this ever growing market today! Be a leader in this space for your patients. Recruit more diverse medical directors allowing them access to your patients virtually!

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24/7/365 Access

Speak directly to your Hospice team from anywhere you want to be, 24/7/365. Also, continue to video visit with your primary care doctor and specialists!

Self Schedule

Schedule appointments directly from your App anytime of the day/night. No more calling the office to schedule your appointment.

Family Access to Your Care

You or your family can access your home health care team as soon as symptoms occur instead of waiting for your scheduled visit.

Your Personal Doctor

In addition to your Hospice team, continue to speak with your personal doctor who knows your medical history, who knows who you are as a person (personal relationship). Not just treating your symptoms but you!

Choose Your Pharmacy

Get medication refills and prescription changes to dosages sent directly to your pharmacy of choice whenever needed.

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Contact Tik Tok Doc

Contact Tik Tok Doc so we can provide you the information on how you can implement Concierge Telemedicine into your current medical practice.  

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, add your personal information, choose your available appointment times/dates.... Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your patients! 

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Contact Your Doctor

Tell your doctor that you would like to access him 24/7/365 through Tik Tok Doc App! They will then provide you with the details. (Each doctor's plan may be different)

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, add your personal information, choose your doctor.... Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your Doctor! 

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