Concierge Access

Tik Tok Doc’s Concierge Telemedicine platform enables patients to access their primary care, specialists and mental health providers 24/7/365!


Common conditions can be managed through Tik Tok Doc’s concierge telemedicine App.

  • Common Conditions:  Cold & flu, sore throat, UTIs, skin issues & rashes, diarrhea & vomiting, eye issues, sports injuries, travel illness, smoking cessation – that can be managed via a video visit.

  • Prescription Refills: Your doctor can prescribe new medication, provide refills, manage side effects and drug interactions, as well as the convenience of adjusting appropriate dosages of your medications. You then pick-up your prescription at the pharmacy of your choice!

  • Referrals:  When you need to be seen by a specialist to provide you specific healthcare solutions, your primary care doctor can make the referral from this App. 

Docotor Visits Anywhere

Tik Tok Doc enables all patients to video visit with their PCP, Specialist, or Mental Healthcare Provider from home or work when they find it difficult to make it to an in-person visit. Allowing patients to remain in their most comfortable environment.

Choose Your Pharmacy

Receive prescriptions electronically from your doctor directly to the pharmacy of your choice; no matter where you are.

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Saves Time

Tik Tok Doc gives patients back their time! Hours wasted ringing a doctor’s office to book an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, sitting in a waiting room till the doctor is ready to see them, and driving all the way back to their home or office after the office visit. All this wasted time can be avoided when the same process can be conveniently done via Tik Tok Doc’s concierge telemedicine app.


Schedule appointments directly from the Tik Tok Doc App anytime of the day/night. No more calling the office to schedule your appointments. 

Safe & Secure

Tik Tok Doc App is HIPPA compliant and fully encrypted for the highest quality security and privacy standards. Specialists like radiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, medical directors of hospices and home health agencies, psychiatrists, pediatricians, dietitians and nutritionists can use our trusted technology to bring complete healthcare to their patients.

Meets Telemedicine Industry Standards

Tik Tok Doc App is a member of the American Telehealth Association (ATA) and meets the standards of the center for Internet security (CIS) security benchmarks division and the national institute of standards and technology (NIST). 

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Contact Your Doctor

Tell your doctor that you would like to have access to them through Tik Tok Doc App! If they are already members of Tik Tok Doc, they will then provide you details on how to access them. If they are not, have them contact us so we can sign them up! 
(Each doctor's access and concierge plan may be different.)

Download Tik Tok Doc App

Download Tik Tok Doc App, create an account, and choose your personal doctor. Your doctor will grant you access to schedule appointments with them. Begin scheduling your Concierge Telemedicine Appointments with your Doctor! 

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